About us / FAQ

Where are you from?

We are from Spain, Barcelona.

Does that mean your videos are in spanish?

Yes, most part of our videos are in spanish. I always try to do a brief description of the video, so you can make an idea of what's going on. But, as I always say, the "mmmmmmmmmph" is international XD  Anyway, some of our models speak english very well, so sometimes we'll do videos in english. Those videos will have the tag "ENGLISH" in the title or description.

Are you the same guys of "Bondage Spanish Girls" and "Spanish College Femdom"?

Yes, we are. I thought those names were too long, so I decided to rename us as Spanish Ties. I love this new name ^^. The clips4sale studios URL are the same as always. 

Where I can download your videos?

All my videos are avaliable in our Clips4sale studios. clips4sale.com/62309 for Spanish Ties and clips4sale.com/64893 for Spanish Ties Femdom.

Can I order custom videos?

Yes, we do customs. Send me an email for more info to erokenny@hotmail.com

I've sent you an email/tweet/devian art message but you haven't answered yet.

I recieve a lot of messages every day. I always try to answer all of them. I'll answer your message as soon as I can ;)

Im a model and I'm interested in working with you. Where can I contact you?

We are always looking for new models! Contact me at erokenny@hotmail.com